Selfie of Rayo Verweij at a platform of the Cruz del Rayo metro station in Madrid, Spain

I'm Rayo Verweij :D

That's 📢 /rah-yo ver-wai/ and I use he/they pronouns

One day, I aspire for this website to be a jewel of the internet: a blog burstling with ideas, a portfolio of dozens of unique projects and inspiring talks, something that appears in those content farm "10 cool personal websites you should know about"-posts.

Today, this website's main function is to remind the world that the good citizens of Madrid, Spain, named a metro station after me. (It is a common misconception that the Madrid football club Rayo Vallecano was also named after me; this is, sadly, an urban legend.)


ver·'wij·zing (de, v., mv: -en) "reference".


rayo [dot] verweij [at] live [dot] nl or LinkedIn